Delicious Juices for a Balanced Diet


Let’s face it. We don’t always want to eat a plate full of vegetables or
snack on fruits. The preparation time can be a bit of a turn off and it can
require a fair amount of creativity to make dishes taste as good as we want
them to.

In fact, the tasting gene that Mother Nature bestows upon us at birth
classifies us as either nontasters, tasters or supertasters. The higher our
sensitivity to bitterness, the closer we are to being a supertaster.
Research has shown that  adult supertasters eat vegetables less frequently
than tasters or nontasters because they really don’t enjoy the taste.

If this sounds familiar, consider turning your attention to homemade juices.
The great thing about a juice is that it gives you the chance to benefit
from all the goodness of vegetable nutrients, while disguising the
distasteful bitter flavor by adding delicious fruits to the mix. With a
decent liquidizer set up permanently on the kitchen work surface, and a few
basic recipes, homemade juices can be an effective solution that you’ve been
looking for to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs on a daily


The importance of antioxidants cannot be emphasized enough. Our body is
subjected to a range of toxins every day – anything from metals found on
kitchen equipment to car fumes that we breathe in as we walk down the
street. If we don’t counteract these toxins with antioxidants, we run the
risk of developing free-radicals that attach themselves to our cells and
contribute to the cause of serious health conditions.

One homemade, antioxidant juice a day will help our bodies remain healthy
from the inside out:

– Beetroot, carrot and apple

– Celery, ginger, cilantro and apple

– Carrot and lemon

Beetroots – one of the best sources of antioxidants – are even sweeter when
mixed with carrots than when consumed separately, so anyone with an aversion
to bitter tasting vegetables will enjoy this combination. Celery is
notoriously one of the most disliked vegetables on the planet, but it’s low
in calories, packed with vitamin K, potassium and folate and can really help
to lower blood pressure. So, when you mix it with the more pleasing flavors
of apple and ginger, you can take full advantage of its benefits without
having to endure an unpleasant taste.


Staying properly hydrated can actually help you to lose weight by optimizing
your metabolism, stimulating your physical ability to complete exercise and
increasing calorie burn. It’s for this reason that homemade juices, made
from water-rich fruits and vegetables, should form part of your daily menu.
Some tasty options for hydrating juices include:

– Cucumber, kale, lemon and apple

– Pear, celery and lemon

– Watermelon, mint and lime

Cucumber is 96.7% water, celery is 95.4% and watermelon 91.5%. These juices
provide a great way of ingesting your necessary daily dose of green
vegetables, while keeping you thoroughly hydrated at the same time. They’re
also perfect for getting your day off to an energizing start.

To finish your meal

A great way of injecting more minerals and vitamins into your diet, while
reducing your refined sugar and fat intake, is to replace your dessert with
a sweet, rich and creamy homemade juice. There are a number of combinations
you can try:

– Mango, pineapple, kale and orange

– Carrot and cherry

– Sweet potato, pear and cinnamon

The sweetness of mango, pineapple and pear disguise the bitter taste of
sweet potato and kale in these juices. At the same time, your body benefits
from vitamin C in the orange and antioxidants in the mango and cherry.
Carrots are packed with a wide range of nutritional benefits, some of which
help to improve the quality of your skin and to protect you against
premature aging.

So, which of these tasty homemade juices are you going to try first?