Are Curvy Girls Healthier?


Photo by Ariana Prestes on Unsplash

As with everything else in fashion, what comes around goes around, and the curvy girl is back in vogue. Having a little extra on the hips is all the rage, especially as the number of curvy Hollywood stars continues to rise. However, there is an argument over the health of the curvier body types. Are they actually healthier than their thinner counterparts? The answer is an astounding, “sometimes”. Studies reveal the ups and downs of having a few extra defining features.

 Yes, They Are Healthier

 ABC News reports on a study published in Evolution and Human Behavior that claims curvier women are smarter women. The fact is that the bigger women hold more omega 3’s in their hips, which provides more brain power for themselves and their children. Further, the study discovered that men prefer a woman with more hips than waist, which contributes to more babies born of these females. Further, when considering the world as a whole, a curvy body is a sign of good health. In many nations, those who carry a little extra weight are viewed as richer in both money and health. Danish studies have found that women with curves, where the hips are larger than the waist, are found to have reduced cardiovascular risks and longer lives. Oxford University backs up this claim with belly fat studies, where belly fat was found to be more dangerous than fat stored in the hips or backside.

 No, They Are Not Healthier

 While studies are finding that curvy women will live longer, may be smarter, and have better hearts, the line between curves and obesity is slim. Holding a few extra pounds around the hips will tip the scales, but as long as these women keep the belly fat in check, they can stay healthy. However, the issues happen when the weight goes unchecked, and harmful fat is allowed to accumulate in areas other than the hips. This is when weight issues affect health. There is a marked difference between having a few curves, and carrying an unhealthy amount of weight. When the body carries a lot of extra weight, joints get weak, breathing becomes difficult, and the system has a difficult time compensating for the extra weight. In this scenario, take time to visit every type of doctor, and make an appointment with your dentist, too. When weight begins to form in other areas of the body, the condition becomes unhealthy. Since the line between curvy and overweight is drawn lightly in the sand, it is important that girls with curves maintain a weight deemed healthy by the doctor.

 How We Think About Weight

 The way people think about weight is also changing, with trends coming away from fat shaming, and more toward a compassionate mindset. However, we must continue to consider weight as only part of a whole health image. We must stop considering curvier women as heavy women, because the parallel simply doesn’t work. Some women have natural, beautiful curves inside healthy, well-maintained bodies. Every person’s unique assets depends on their genetics, lifestyle, and personal values.

 Being curvy beautiful. However, it is similar to any other body type – it must be maintained to stay healthy. Using good sense, eating right and exercising is the best advice for every body shape.