Confident And Curvy: How Luscious Locks Can Boost Your Self-Esteem


From plus-size floral dresses to maxi skirts, curvy clothing is in high demand these days – and it’s believed that 60% of women in America think of themselves as a part of the plus-size market. And as The Huffington Post reports, the word “curvy” is a great descriptor for this gorgeous majority. But if you’re one of these women, you’ll know that it’s sometimes hard in a world of size zeroes and body image pressures to keep up your self-esteem.

That’s where your hair can help. After you’ve stocked up on curvy clothing from brands like Atria and JS Collections, creating a unique style for your locks can fill you with confidence – and the rest of your body image can then often just slot into place. Here are some top tips for finding a hairstyle which complements and accentuates your figure and leaves you feeling sexy every time you walk out of the house.

Think about your features

The first place to look when thinking about complementing your body type is your features, especially around your face. If you have a face that is relatively round in shape, it’s wise to opt for a hairstyle that goes below your shoulders as this will help your face to appear a little longer. And when it comes to the exact styling, it’s wise to go as wavy as possible. Straightened hair doesn’t make your amazing new hairstyle a focal point, and that should be the aim if you’re looking to boost self-confidence.

Consider your height

Curvy women come in all sorts of heights, too, and how tall you are needs to be taken into account when picking a hairstyle. If you’re less tall, a short to medium length haircut is perfect, and it’s also wise to put layers in to give your hair some more pizzazz and hence boost your confidence. For a taller curvy woman, you may want to consider a bob for a chic and fashionable look.

Keep comments positive

As USA Today reports, curvy women from a diverse ethnic background with gorgeous natural hair may sometimes face even more pressure to look good and fit in. But there are plenty of hair confidence tips for women of color out there designed to make sure that self-esteem is kept high. Consider using natural oils to make the most of beautiful curly hair, for example, while ensuring you surround yourself with positive people who help build your confidence.

Due to pressure from magazines, social media and more, it’s not always easy to keep your self-esteem high every single day as a curvy woman. But there are plenty of steps you can take to make sure you love yourself, your body and your hair. From planning styles that fit your features to thinking about your height, there are all sorts of ways to feel great as well as look great.