Ways Companies Can Save Money By Going Green

If your company requires cloud-based solutions for HR and financial, health and wealth, or customer experience segments, you can get what you want and go green at the same time. What follows is a look at a few ways that your business can save money by going green. Cut Down on Paper You business can save money and go green by eliminating, or at least reducing, paper use in the office. This can be accomplished by using cloud solutions and by scanning important documents so that they can be stored in the cloud. This will cut down on the amount of paper your company uses. … [Read more...]

Confident And Curvy: How Luscious Locks Can Boost Your Self-Esteem

From plus-size floral dresses to maxi skirts, curvy clothing is in high demand these days - and it’s believed that 60% of women in America think of themselves as a part of the plus-size market. And as The Huffington Post reports, the word “curvy” is a great descriptor for this gorgeous majority. But if you’re one of these women, you’ll know that it’s sometimes hard in a world of size zeroes and body image pressures to keep up your self-esteem. That’s where your hair can help. After you’ve stocked up on curvy clothing from brands like Atria and JS Collections, creating a unique … [Read more...]

5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Putting Blackheads on the Blacklist Dealing with blackheads can put a damper on anyone’s day. They’re unsightly, stubborn, and sometimes downright embarrassing. If you experience persistent blackheads, you’re not alone. Regardless of body shape, an estimated 50 million Americans face acne and blackheads in the mirror each morning. As a result, the cosmetic market is rife with products that claim to banish blackheads, but which actually work? Here are some home remedies, prescription, and over-the-counter methods that can help you to beat blackheads both safely and … [Read more...]

Give the Shoppers What They Want

Give the Shoppers What They Want: Online Tips for eStores

Online Trends and Tips for eStores 40% of worldwide Internet users buy products or goods online. In the U.S. alone $38 billion of revenue was generated from mobile commerce in 2013. With everything from electronics to luxury goods available with just a click—the future of the estore appears to be a bright one. There are a number of trends and tips that estores should follow to increase their online presence and revenue. 50% of shoppers who own a smartphone use it to shop online. Having a mobile strategy is important, especially when targeting younger shoppers. Take a look … [Read more...]

Laying the Foundations of Skincare

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash Wearing the wrong foundation type is one of the biggest fashion faux pas that a woman can make and yet so many of us continue to get it wrong. A curvy lady can accentuate her overall look and compliment her features with the right choice of makeup, so selecting the right type of foundation for her skin type is key. A stunning evening dress may make you look beautiful, but to really stand out the right choice of accompanying makeup is imperative. Skin Types Skin is described as one of five different types; normal, dry, oily, … [Read more...]

Plus-Size Yoga: Strengthening Your Bones & Joints While Embracing Your Curves

While there is a significant difference between being curvy and being obese, even a couple of extra curves can add some strain to our bones and joints, especially as we age. While following a healthy diet is vital for overall well-being, so too is exercise - with yoga being one of the best. Yoga, unlike some other forms of exercise, benefits bones and joints greatly by creating tension on the bone without damaging the cartilage or stressing joints.  When people think about yoga they are more than likely picturing young, slender women in exquisite yoga outfits twisting … [Read more...]

5 Cool Christmas Gift Ideas For Fashion And Beauty Fanatics

Christmas is almost here, and many are already scrambling to give the perfect gift for their loved ones. With consumers expected to spend over $500 on gifts for the holiday season, it’s guaranteed that there will be lots of retail and online activity over the next few weeks. While it may be easy to find great presents for your nearest and dearest, it may be more challenging to find the perfect gift for fashion and beauty fanatics. But don’t fret—here are a few cool gift ideas for your relative or friend who absolutely adores fashion and beauty products. An aromatherapy … [Read more...]

Delicious Juices for a Balanced Diet

Let’s face it. We don’t always want to eat a plate full of vegetables or snack on fruits. The preparation time can be a bit of a turn off and it can require a fair amount of creativity to make dishes taste as good as we want them to. In fact, the tasting gene that Mother Nature bestows upon us at birth classifies us as either nontasters, tasters or supertasters. The higher our sensitivity to bitterness, the closer we are to being a supertaster. Research has shown that  adult supertasters eat vegetables less frequently than tasters or nontasters because they really … [Read more...]

5 Easy To Make DIY Shampoos For Different Hair Types

  A poll has found that 49% of American women wash and blow dry their hair every day, and shampoo continues to be one of the top hygiene products that women use on a daily basis. A global industry and analysis forecast has revealed that the shampoo market will change and grow over the next 10 years. Moreover, the study revealed that shampoos based on food products such as fruits, beer, and other materials beneficial for hair care will continue to attract consumers over the next few years. Making a natural switch  Plant-based natural and organic … [Read more...]

Easy and Inexpensive Tips for Hydrating your Skin

  Dull facial skin, particularly around the eyes, is almost always indicative of one simple problem… skin dehydration. There are a number of ways to successfully combat the problem, many of which include the purchase of a range of creams and serums that are invariably expensive and, as such, not a feasible option for everyone. Likewise, the time required to avoid skin dehydration can be enough to put some of the less attentive among us off of the task for good. The problem is that beautifully hydrated skin really makes a difference. Dull skin can take the shine out of … [Read more...]