A Curvy Girls Guide To Active Wear

A Curvy Girls Guide To Activewear Infographic

Wouldn't it be nice to hit the gym in active wear that gives you the support you need to power through your work out like a champ? Durability and quality are key components to look for when purchasing active wear. We have created an infographic entitled “A Curvy Girl's Guide To Active Wear”, giving you an overview of everything you need to know to purchase the perfect active wear for you. Don't know the difference between a compression bra and and encapsulation bra? We've got you covered so you can find which style is right for you. Ill fitting active wear can keep you from … [Read more...]

Brushology: A Guide to Makeup Brushes

Brushology: A Guide to Make-up Brushes Infographic

Stipple, spoolie, and fan, what does it all mean? There are a lot of makeup brushes out there and it's easy to confuse and misuse them. Our infographic, "Brushology," is your straight forward guide to makeup brushes. Having a proper understanding of what each brush was made for can help you get the most out of your makeup products. Did you know fan brushes are for highlighting and brushing off loose eye shadow? Getting a handle on your makeup brushes is easier than you think. From the eye shadow brush to the more complex stippling brush, we've got their uses covered. Never … [Read more...]

Sunny Day Staples: Plus Size Guide to Summer Fashion Trends

It's that time of year again, the summer season's in full swing. Looking for the best plus size summer fashion trends? Look no further, we have created an infographic, "Your Plus Size Guide to Summer Fashion Trends," to give you some pointers on navigating your way to the perfect summer wardrobe. Many of the summer's fashion trends complement the plus size figure. From crop tops to maxi dresses, you can wear them all. There are a couple of fashion don'ts we'll fill you in on so you can avoid getting swallowed up by your maxi dress or looking like a wilting flower with one too … [Read more...]

How to Shape Your Eyebrows

How to Shape Your Eyebrows for Your Face Shape Infographic

Makeovers are always fun, but did you know that optimizing the shape of your brow can not only give you a new look, but can help frame your face?  We have created an infographic entitled “How to Shape Your Eyebrows”, giving you a one-stop shop for all things eyebrows. Grab your wax or tweezers, and get ready to find the best shape for your eyebrows. Whether your face is oval, square, heart shaped, long, or short, there is a brow look out there that’s perfect for your individual face-shape. Having an improperly shaped brow can spell the difference between a wow factor and a … [Read more...]

Pinning It Down: A Guide to Consumers’ Relationship with Pinterest

Pinning it Down: A Guide to Consumers' Relationship with Pinterest

Pinterest has transformed the face of social media. Now, simply saying “Did you pin it?” is an understood inquiry. With such a huge fan base, Pinterest offers businesses a unique and valuable opportunity to capitalize on. Alight has created an infographic discussing the rise in interest and use of the social media platform. Pinterest has a fan base that is growing impressively fast. One in four consumers report spending more time on Pinterest instead of other social media sites – and those users are making a difference. Facebook has reported a 3% decrease in the time spent on … [Read more...]

Spring Awakening – Spring Makeup Shades Chart

Lipstick Shades Chart

As winter weather gives way to the bright, balmy weather of summer, many people do their spring cleaning, including changing out their wardrobes from winter clothes to flirty summer dresses and  shorts. But did you know that changing your makeup look is another way to spruce and warm up your overall look? Alight has created a blog post dedicated to giving you the swatch advice you need to switch over your makeup to perky summer looks. While those with lighter skin may think they can’t pull off the bolder colors of summer, this infographic has a useful chart full of color … [Read more...]

Curves Take Command: The Plus-Size Revolution

Curves Take Command

The plus-size fashion industry has come a long way as more curvy women speak out about their stylistic choices. With plus-size shoppers representing over 2/3 of the purchasing population, it's time for curves to take command!  Read on to learn more about sizing history and survey results from real shoppers like you!   … [Read more...]