5 Cool Christmas Gift Ideas For Fashion And Beauty Fanatics


Christmas is almost here, and many are already scrambling to give the perfect gift for their loved ones. With consumers expected to spend over $500 on gifts for the holiday season, it’s guaranteed that there will be lots of retail and online activity over the next few weeks. While it may be easy to find great presents for your nearest and dearest, it may be more challenging to find the perfect gift for fashion and beauty fanatics. But don’t fret—here are a few cool gift ideas for your relative or friend who absolutely adores fashion and beauty products.

An aromatherapy kit

Fashion and beauty fans are sure to get a lot of health benefits from having an aromatherapy kit. Aromatherapy has long been proven to promote a healthy lifestyle as it can soothe aches and pains, diminish stress, and promote better sleep by using the right scented oils. You can buy a ready-made kit or build one by purchasing a diffuser or an oil burner, then include a few oils such as peppermint, rosemary, sweet orange, and vanilla. Add a few scented candles and you’ve got a charming present for your relatives or friends.

A warm and stylish jacket

Even though experts predict that this year’s winter will be warmer than the winters of the past few years, having a warm and stylish jacket will still come in handy to avoid getting chilled. Fashionistas will surely love anything from a classic denim jacket to a trendy floral model. Add warm gloves and a cute beanie to complete your loved one’s winter ensemble.

A set of Korean skincare products

Beauty aficionados will agree that when it comes to skincare, Korean products are where it’s at right now. Loved ones who would love to try a Korean skincare regimen will appreciate a 3-step kit consisting of a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, while those who are looking to follow an authentic 10-step Korean skincare routine will love to receive an oil cleanser, exfoliator, toner or refresher, an essence, an ampoule, sheet masks, eye cream, a night moisturizer, a day moisturizer, and a facial sunscreen.

Zodiac sign necklaces

Running out of gift ideas to give your favorite girlfriends? A zodiac necklace is a gift that feels personalized and is a great way to show off one’s astrological sign without being cheesy. Consider getting one for yourself too to match your friends’ accessories.

A ring light

If the fashion or beauty fanatic in your life loves to take selfies, help their photos get plenty of likes by giving them a ring light. Ring lights are all the rage among popular YouTube vloggers and these gizmos hold the secrets to having an instantly flawless look. It gives your face a soft glow and blurs out blemishes—and that’s before makeup! Most ring lights come with a mount in the center for a smartphone or a camera.  

This Christmas, consider any of these gift ideas for the beauty or fashion fanatic in your life. Your gifts are guaranteed to be a hit among your family and friends, and they’ll always think of you whenever they use any of these wonderful presents.